External Info

Both high-level and detailed descriptions of DVID and its ecosystem can found here:

  • A high-level description of Data Management in Connectomics includes DVID's use in the Janelia FlyEM Team.
  • The main DVID paper deescribes its motivation and architecture, including how versioning works at the key-value level.
  • The Neutu Documentation Site explains our team's proofreading tool and how it uses DVID as a dataservice.
  • The DVID Wiki provides a more complete but older user guide that will be updated on this website. If you find a topic missing here, it's possible the old DVID Wiki has information on the topic.

Publication to cite: DVID: Distributed Versioned Image-Oriented Dataservice, William T. Katz and Stephen M. Plaza, Front. Neural Circuits, Feb 2019.